Friday, 2 February 2007

The Candy House

My grandma died old... My grandpa not so old... Both exhausted physically by the time they had spent in exile... Those days communists were the enemies of the state and they spent their time on tour to the greek islands, staying in miserable, moist dungeons...

My grandma was so much in love with grandpa all this time, in spite of the situation. She made close friends to whom she wrote letters with lemon juice (poetic, aromatic, mystic letters) after they were released and with whom she played chess, a chess she had made of wood when in exile. My grandma was an excellent cook, and she designed and made clothes like no one in her time and she was such a tender mother, and grandmother later on.

She always talked about the importance of freedom in everything we do -freedom of speech, freedom to feel, freedom in relationships. My grandma had never lost her freedom; she had always the heart of a free bird and the eyes of wolf. Torture was what she got for that but never regretted for a single moment in her life.

I'm sitting now in my desk writing these lines. There's a camera across the street and policemen are guarding the building two blocks away from here. My mobile phone is next to me. My two credit cards are in my wallet. I'm getting phone calls from people I've never heard of but who seem to know me quite well; what my name is, how old I am, where I live... But they're just calling to make my life better, to offer me fast internet connection or more credit cards or free stuff....

Oh, how beautiful is this exile we've constructed! But we're getting candy for it. Sugar affects memory...

Industrial Daisies

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

E.T. :The Extra-Terrestrial or ....?

I was wandering today round the central square in my town -that is Athens-... There was a protest march, like every Wednesday for the last weeks, since students oppose to privatization of higher education....

Ooooooh.... Why do they bother? We are growing up into a society of deaf people... There's too much noise around us so everyone goes willingly deaf... An old lady passed me by screaming hysterically (wishing that even a deaf could hear her) "They're punks!!!!P U N K S !!!!".

These past few days people talk about UFOs, and making contact... A young man explaining on T.V. how they' re living among us... And I thought of that today; seeing all these young people screaming -wishing to be heard by the government or, at least, by us, ordinary people- and all of us people running to get to our jobs, or shop or just get away from them -because it is common knowledge in my country that the greatest enemy of the state is young people with lethal slogans that could kill anyone in a second!!

And I realized that it is not just common sense that there must be other forms of life in this universe... I MUST believe in extra terrestrials - we NEED to believe that they exist. Otherwise how can we justify such intolerable cruelty amongst men? How can we bear the thought of such inhumanity in human?

And I say: it is aliens that move amongst us and hypnotize us... They 're responsible for this mess... We can't see them because they' re fooling around with us... Otherwise, if they didn't exist that is, everything would work out fine for everyone and we people would live peacefully and in such harmony with the rest of human beings.

Men are deaf by choice - and blind by need.

Industrial Daisies

Sunday, 28 January 2007

the fear of a blank page

Like in every task lately intruding my life, the fear of the blank page persistently buzzes over my head. There's no reason actually why this blog was created, just maybe the fear of sharing each meaningless thought with myself... No big words, no promises... Just this fear made me want to share my thoughts in a global, hydrocephali c head...

We are led to believe that what we feel or what we think is of no great importance. We are taught to see things but not watch. We are led to feel alone, but this we are taught to translate as unique and one of a kind.

This is not just I writing... This is everyone trying to scream in this strange creature we 're trapped in...