Thursday, 15 March 2007

Culture Phonebook

(Alpha, TV-Tiglon, 12:54 a.m, 03/15/2007)

Fotis to Bilio: Why did you invite Elli Kokkinou (female troubadour of modern Greek psalm) at your show? I mean, from Giannis Kotsiras [male troubadour wandering around "caltsoure" (sic) (sorry, such a "greek" comment) Greek tv shows] there's a great distance.

(Messing sneakily with the signal)
Industrial Daisies to Fotis: It's the previous name on my phone book. What great distance? Kourkoulis is next and Kimoulis the last (he switched sides and preferred Lampiri, that is not to be forgotten easily!)

Worst case scenario: The distinctive signs of cultural decay: Difference in "quality" is to be traced through phonebooks. (Spooky!)

Best case scenario: Lampiri under cover, replacing Bilio's phonebook with a copy of hers.

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