Thursday, 8 March 2007

Pavlov's Dog

I find myself recently unable to socialize easily...

The other day I was trying to have a "civilized" chat with my boss -who I see almost every day and scenes of mass destruction and brutal murder cross my mind instantly- but only to find out that there was nothing I could say since I am not up-to-date...

I also hadn't seen a couple of friends for a long time and I thought catching up was a good idea. Yet, after a while, I ended up drowning my boredom in cheap beer listening to the television broadcast and breaking news live on the table.

It wasn't until yesterday that i realized there's something wrong with me. One of my best friends called and wanted to see me -'cause ya know...Time passes by...And work is responsible for all these lost moments between friends...- TODAY.

I panicked... Cold sweat running down my forehead and my palms frozen. Oh my God!, what on earth happened and I HAVE to know? I managed to remain calm and used an obvious excuse, like "Oh damn, I'd love to but you know how my boss is a bitch etc..."

What's wrong with me? Where is my personal antenna? I cannot reach signal from people I know. Maybe my decoder has broken down. Maybe my link is unavailable. Oh no, I dare not even say it... Maybe my subscription has expired!!!!!!!!

Communication has reached a different level. We use TV language, we incarnate TV-personas in our relationships, we talk about everything on the news. Future "clochards" will be those not watching TV. We create great distances which we are unable to cover without a remote control in our hands and an-always-functioning antenna in our heads. We are trained to become TV soldiers-in time.

Report everything - record everything.
Monkey say - Monkey do.
Destroy target.

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